How You Can Help

We want to show the province how BC Libraries Change Lives. You can help by submitting your photograph, videotaped or written story about how a BC public library has impacted your life.
Other ways you can get involved in the campaign:
Speak Up On Behalf of BC Public Libraries
Contact your local Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Hon. Premier Gordon Campbell, Minister of Education Margaret MacDiarmid and/or your local media. Tell them how you use and benefit from the public library in your community. Statistics are impressive, but your personal story brings the BC Libraries Change Lives message to life.
You may choose to use one of the pre-written letters below. The content of these letters can be tailored and edited to suit your message.
Outline for writing your own letter
Letter One
Letter Two
Join Friends of the Library
Many BC libraries have a group called Friends of the Library. These groups consist of dedicated volunteers who support their library through fundraising, advocacy and awareness. Contact your local library to learn more about their Friends of the Library.
Tell a Friend
Send a note to a friend to let them know about this site. Ask them to get involved and share their story.
Most BC public libraries accept monetary donations. Contact your local library to make a contribution to your library or library foundation.